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pioneers of Pontine viticolture from three generations

A special love for the Pontine lands, the vinification technology, the quality of the grapes and the experience of the founders, make the Cantina Villa Gianna a company of unique value, run by the Giannini Family. Since the 1980s, quality experimentation, never interrupted before in the Agro Pontino, has selected new cultivar, enhancing an ideal environmental for the grapes as it is enriched by continuous exposure to the sun (from sunrise to sunset) and the continuous sea breeze that gives the typical brackish essence, typical Pontine imprint. All the vineyards are set between the Promontori and the Circeo National Park and the Lepini and Aurunci mountains.

The Giannini are today the masters of wine of Circeo, who have been donating typical and surprising wines for years that convey the emotions of work in the vineyards and that enhance the typical fragrances of the area of origin.

Arts and crafts

merge into an area rich in beauty

Cantina Villa Gianna is located in central Italy, in one of the most famous areas of Lazio: Sabaudia di Latina, just 75 km from the south of Rome. It is surrounded by fantastic natural beauty of the Pontine Island, the Gardens of Ninfa, the Circeo National Park and the Ulysses Riviera.

The production area with its microclimate, the passion for viticulture, the experience in winemaking, the attention to the consumer and the choice of the right packaging, fusion between tradition and future, make Cantina Villa Gianna an inseparable union between the environment and man in the Pontine land.

Each bottle tells us about the values of our territory that merge with investments and continuous research to obtain a unique and surprising wine.

By enhancing the precious grapes of our land we strongly wanted to make wines that spoke of the places of origin, leaving an indelible mark of our passion and quality.

al lavoro tra arte e mestiere
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The Giannini Family and the Agro Pontino

a marriage that has lasted since the 1930s

Our vineyards are located in the Agro Pontino, a vast and luxuriant plain that has become fertile ground thanks to the reclamation work that in the 1930s transformed the swampland into a rich and fertile land. 

In 1960 the Giannini Family bought the first ONC 1007 farm, bringing with them the first shoots (grapevine). They will therefore be  pioneers of viticulture in the Pontine area. 

In 1986 the first varietal conversions with several plantation systems began. The productive tents are transformed into qualitative rows by experimenting with new cultivars.

Pioneer of Pontine viticulture, the Giannini Family decided to create their own winery which came to life on the 24th of July 1994 with the name of Villa Gianna, in honor of the luxuriant nature and fertility of the territory.

They made their first harvest in 1993-1994 and started a continuous improvement work on their wines: from Chardonnay to Merlot and Cabernet, Trebbiano and Malvasia, Moscato di Terracina, Novello wine and Passito meditation wine 

Without ever taking their attention away from spumanti and sparkling wines.

They get mentions in the “Vinitaly” medal table – and then in the Gambero Rosso, Luca Maroni Guide, Veronelli Guide, Duemilavini Guide, Slow Food Guide – after having already won awards in international “Sélections Mondiales des Vins Canada”.

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